you know that feeling you get when u forget something and then u have to figure out wat it is you forgot, no matter how unimportant it is.well thats happening to me right now.

i am desperately trying to remember the name of this dude that has a really weird hairstyle that looks like some type of tetris thingy lol. all i know about him is that he has a music video of lighning that is in black and white and he wears a really weird suit like a triangle looking thing. and he died of aids and performed onstage with david bowie as a backup dancer.
its killing me not knowing that guys name.
can anybody help?
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wasnt freddie mercury.
it was another dude. he died in like the late 70's
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Joe Arias?

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that was the guy^^^
thanks guy. finally that thought can be put to rest.
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