Odd that a guitar in that price range would include a hardshell case. The ad must be referring to the cardboard type. Which is still much better than a gig bag, and does help add some value to that deal. Have you actually played the exact guitar? If you like the tone, the deal is not terrible, but I wouldn't pay that much for that guitar as mail order.
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Yes. A friend of mine had one of those for his first guitar. Honestly I didn't like the tone at all.
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i played one of those at the guitar shop
it was okay but i don't think it had the best sound
I own this guitar, got it as my first.... Honestly, ur paying for a 130 dollar guitar with a nice case.... The tone sounds like its price and honestly, its pretty tough to play and has a high action unless you shave down the bridge...

I would stay away from Fender acoustic's in general and get a Yamaha