Hey guys, even though I just got a new guitar, (Epi Les Paul Prophecy EX), I'm (finally) getting into my school's jazz band. The school has some amps, fender, I think, and some guitars. I'll probably use the les paul for the time being, but sooner or later, I'm going to be looking for a hollow body. Does anyone have any recommendations as to which I should be looking at? Of course, I'll have to purchase this one myself, my parents have clearly stated that will be the last guitar they purchase me. And, I will soon be employed at minimum wage. So I'm looking for something around the $200-$500 range.
There are some nice Ibanez hollowbody guitars for around $350.
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ibanez artcore as73 is a nice double cutaway hollowbody for 400, but i've been drooling over the as93 which has a few differences like different bridges and i think different pickups but looks sooo good. probably going to be my next guitar.
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Epiphone Dot or Ibanez Artcore. I like Epiphone better, but either you way you can't go wrong.
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Look into the Ibanez Artcores, particularly the AG75 and AG95, and the AF75 and AF95. The 95s are just slightly above your budget, but Artcores are a huge bang for your buck.

You also have the Epiphone reissue of the classic ES-175, but Epi's usually need a pup swap to shine the way they're supposed to.

EDIT: Guys, although they're just as good for jazz, neither the Epiphone Dot or the Ibanez AS73 are hollowbodies, they're semi-hollowbodies.
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I've got a good review of the Artcore AF75TDG. Check my pics too.
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