I recently bought a boss ph-3 phase shifter because I love the sound mike einziger of incubus creates with his two ph-2 super phasers. I can dial my sound in pretty close to what he creates in my opinion. What is the difference between the ph-3 and ph-2 besides the added rise, fall and step features on the ph-3? Does anyone have a preference for one or the other and a reason why? Thanks
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i know my post won't help but i got a preference for my phase 90 over all other phaser.
To buy:

Line 6 MM4
Voodoo Lab power
Mesa Boogie Single rectifier
Boss TU-3 Done
Shure SM58 Done

i like my ph-2 a lot better than the ph-3s i tried. i found the 3 sounds a bit more digital, and i dont find myself needing all the extra modes. the 12 stages are more in your face than other phasers, but i can get it to be subtle enough when needed. mode 2 is more in your face and doesnt really do the subtle thing as well. ive found it more natural sounding than the ph-3, but at the same it can sound a bit more harsh/digital than things like a phase 90 or small stone.