Hello there,

I have uploaded a song on my profile ('midi of a song').

Made in guitar pro, so therefore midi... would appreciate if I could have some feedback so I could improve on it for when I need to record.

Is the 'solo' good? That's my main concern.

Also, any tips for when I record it?

C4C As Always
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your song sounds like it has promise. unfortunately it is very sterile sounding at this point. i'd love to give you input on the solo but without hearing someone actually play it and give it some character i can't. the notes and flow seem ok but right now it lacks soul. i liked the structure and the overall theme and will be interested to hear it actually played. my stuff is in my profile.
well listening to the song i think it has a nice mood and aura to it. being only a midi it is incredibly difficult to hear the dynamics of it and therefore it all kind of sounds the same if you know what i meant but it was good.

being a guitar pro solo it sounded fine but like the dude above said you really need to hear someone play it to dictate what directing it should be taken into.

it was a pretty solid song and i def suggest that you record it.

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Thanks to you two... i've left some crit on both of your links!
I'll prob record this in a couple of weeks time - must get approval from my guitar teacher first! haha
first, thanks for the crit on my bands recordings
after listening a few times to the song i really started digging it except the fast part around 2:00, but the guitar harmonies at 2:25 are great and give the song a really relaxed feeling. the guitar melody in the background gets a bit repetive after a short time. I would really like to hear that one recorded!
What could I stick in instead of the fast bit at 2.00 then?

I'll try and add some variation to the main guitar melody... thx for the crit