Ive got a faded finish les paul studio and I want to polish it to a laqur-like finish. Theres a guy at my local music store ive talked to and seen what he has done to about 10 satin finish acoustics and he told me to get some 3M polishing compound and just sit for hours polishing it with lots of elbow grease. Ive seen his guitars and they look factory finished perfect, very beautiful. I went to walmart and they didnt have any of the 3m stuff but i have a can of turtle wax polishing compound and scratch remover and ive seen where people have used this but im new to this whole polishing thing and i dont know the precedures or whatever to go about doing this. this stuff is the white stuff and i dont know what kinda of polishing compound it needs to be. I used a little of this turtle wax on a very small area on the back of the guitar and it doesnt do anything but put in white lines and make it look worse. HELP im a dummy!
You can't do it that easily, not on a nitro finish like that LP has. The guy at that store can do it to his acoustics probably because they don't have a nitro finish.

Nitro's hard to work with and it takes a long time to make any drastic changes. It is posisble to get it looking shiny, but not the way you're doing it. You need to break out very fine sandpaper and get to work with that. The problem with this is clearly you don't know what you're doing - I'm not trying to be mean, it's just the truth - and when sanding back like that it'd be very easy for you to end up just sanding the finish right off. Generally speaking you'd put on a few more coats of laquer - the same laquer Gibson used, in general you don't want to start weirdly mixing different types of laquer - and then sand that back. Even then, it'd be a tricky job, especially on a Les Paul with it's carved top, and most professional luthiers would rather just strip the existing finish off entirely and give it a whole new finish.

Basically, long story short: you're a bit stuffed. Whatever you do though, stop putting that whatever-the-hell gunk on the guitar. You'll only end up staining it.
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ohhh i understand. I didnt know that. The guy at the store didnt mention that at all he said he wanted to do a faded les paul because he thought it would turn out very nice and was encouraging me but i think ill leave it alone before i royally f it all up. Im not going to break out any sand paper especially not on this thing because ur right i dont know what the hell im doing maybe i can talk him or someone else into doing this professionally. thanx