Hi everyone, i've been playing guitar for about 8 months now. i'm not great but i can play fairly well for a beginner. i'm currently in a rut, i don't feel like i'm getting any better because i don't listen to a wide variety of music and i don't really know what i want to learn how to play. i was wondering if you guys could give me some suggestions?

my biggest influences are black sabbath, iron maiden, dio, coheed and cambria, and tool. i like heavy music but not death metal or anything. bluesy stuff also.

maybe expand your horizons and branch out to new types of music. give other genres a chance and maybe you will like them. then you can start learning to play different types of music and incorporaion them into your style
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Anyway, I'm off, for some reason I have the strongest urge to listen to The Ramones.
Don't think that metal and punk are different then rock. They are just sub-genres.

Give folk music a shot, most of it is simple and beginner friendly.