No because i play a REAL guitar, and so should you.

Just kidding, i play bass sometimes and i do hate when i can't find a song.
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It did when i just wanted to learn songs and whatnot, but learning stuff by ear helps me also figure out what i'm gonna play to accompany some occasionally sent riff ideas from band mates so now they dont think i'm a noob and it all works out.

But it can be pretty annoying that there isnt magically a well put together tab for every song ... that would be sweet eh?

Usually you can figure out the tuning from google or just a search around here and go from there so its not like your completely alone.
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i agree. and you guys that say you play guitar. I think you may be lost. It's the bass forum. Go home you silly egomaniacs with your 6 strings and ooooh jesus christ

guitar solo - "meh, every song got one"
bass solo - "OMGZ0R U IS PRO MENZ"
I almost never use tabs. EAR FTW!!!

By the way, your ear will never get better unless you start using it for everything. Starting right now.
Usually when I can't find a tab for a song I want to learn I just make up my own bass part to play, or I learn it by ear, I just enjoy doing it the first way because it helps out with my creativity and all that stuff; makes things more interesting for me.
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Who cares how you learn,just learn it.Elitest.
I just hate when they list bass as an intrument in Powertab but its not there.

Elitist? All I said was the sooner you start using your ear the sooner you get better at using your ear. Nothing elitist about that. The only elitism going on in this thread is your post
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Who cares how you learn,just learn it.Elitest.
I just hate when they list bass as an intrument in Powertab but its not there.

if you didn't try going to view>bass score it should show you the bass score for the song. i don't know if you knew about that so i thought i would just share it just to help you out
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One man's 'elitist' is another man's 'actual musician'.

How's that for elitist?

It'll do your playing a world of good to learn by ear. I seem to find the tabs of all the songs I can't quite make out by ear - not a coincidence.
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