sooo I have just recently become a fan of the band rise against and i started listening to them alot and i found out that they were playing in buffalo on last thursday which is some what near my own town but unfortunatley my mom wouldn't let me go bc my family was goin out of town the next day....
sooo i checked to see if they would be coming near by again and the only other dates i could find on their site were all for Europe and soo i basically wanted to kno if ne1 had ne info about them coming back to north america anytime soon
Nope, you're missing it
The only official info is on their site
And the next date would probably be after their next record...
Bands don't usually have another tour planned while they're already on one. Nine times out of ten a band waits between 8 months to two years before returning to the same place, depending on where they're from and how huge they are. Since they aren't local, but aren't multi-platinum, I'm gonna say you'll get another chance before the end of 2010.
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I'd rather have a rise against thread more than an Emmure thread

+1 and i suppose Rise Against could be Hardcore Punk anyway