If anyone wants a JB/'59 set, I will take $90 paypal'ed and shipped for a pair of Duncans or $50 for just the JB.

'59 is double white, JB is double black
hey guys, my preference is to ship domestically, because I don't want you guys to be hit with huge customs fees, but if you guys are ok with that then let me know,

check your PMs.
Will you ship to Australia?
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Didn't get a PM off you :S
Is there a way I could find out customs charges and such?
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Quote by SimplyBen
Didn't get a PM off you :S
Is there a way I could find out customs charges and such?
I checked and VAT for the UK is 17.5% and they'll probably add 5% duty.

Are you sure you didn't get a PM, its under my "sent" folder in my profile. I'll resend it...
I know Duncans are expensive for you guys across the pond, but reasonably, taking into account extra costs associated with international purchases on paypal, increased shipping costs, and if you add in the fact that customs is most likely going to charge you that VAT, you're looking at about 85 pounds for a used set of Seymour Duncans. I haven't the slightest clue what Seymour Duncans cost for you over there, but it would not surprise me if you could possible find a set cheaper used, which in that case, I can recommend you take the cheaper route as you'd be getting a bit of a raw deal here compared to what someone in the USA would be getting.

But again, it could still be cheaper than a set of used Duncans over there even with all the added fees. All I'd ask from you is the extra cost of shipping and the extra 3.9% that paypal is going to hit me with for currency exchange and cross border costs, but again, I can't guarantee that imports isn't going to charge you that extra 23%.