well im bored and i thought we could get a couple lulz in before we all went nighty night.
i love reading those funny msn,aim,txt conversations that are funny and whatnot. so anybody got a funny conversation to post? here i got one, it was over txt so ill just type it from my phone. (btw i am cody, and maddy is one of my friend-girls lol)

cody-soo what are you doing?

maddy-nothin. im really bored. any ideas?

cody- buttsecks?

maddy- ....thats disgusting.

cody- nah ah.. o_0

maddy- do guys really want sh1t on their penises?

cody- ...yes?
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lol wowow you guys dont know good music then... get out of your deth metal and screamo ruts and listen to something that has emotion in the music...

Call me Mike, all my friends do.
nice, but wtf?!
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EDIT: Screw it, I'm not risking another ban. Request it if you're that interested.
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I won't get into details... But lets just say part of the conversation involved, "I put on my robe and wizard hat."

And I also found out through IM that one of my dude friends is going out and partying with women behind his girlfriend's back... Not asking for Pit advice, but I'm not ratting on him.
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EDIT: Screw it, I'm not risking another ban. Request it if you're that interested.

Lucky i was able to read all of that, and save it as a word document...

was that you that had the convo?
Quote by geetar_man0
Lucky i was able to read all of that, and save it as a word document...

was that you that had the convo?

Yeah it was me wanting to mess with someone. Apparently, he also had the same thing in mind.
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EDIT: Screw it, I'm not risking another ban. Request it if you're that interested.

email it to me. ill pm you my email

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dump her. now.

not my girlfriend. just a friend thats a girl.
A few more of mine:

Stranger: Hiya
You: Hey. Do you have a blank VHS tape I could borrow? I'll give it back in, like, 30 minutes.
Stranger: Sure
You: Awesome.
You: does it have anything Pre-Recorded though?
You: I need the best quality I can get.
Stranger: Nope, nothing.
You: Oh, ****ing sweet, thanks dude.
Stranger: What do you need it for, if I may ask?
You: Well, you know the show 20to1? Well, I need to record tonights episode, but just realized I have no tape to record it onto.
Stranger: You should consider in investing in a DVR, and recording your shows that way.
You: I actually did think about that, but it was one of those things that I would have never spent the time to commit to, you know?
Stranger: I guess, my brother has got one. I am extremelly jeleous, he also has HD and has stocked up his DVR with around 30 movies every week or so, I love movies.
You: Well, I have a DVX in my basement, but the guy who I bought it from said never to use it for 'grave' circumstances would follow. I don't even know what DVX is, but anything mystically powerful sounds amazing.
Stranger: Hmm, A DVX you say, never heard of one myself..
You: Apparently it uses code #124782 Recording Technology. It doesn't require any external pieces of hardware such as a tape of DVD, it just records onto nothing. There's not even a HDD inside it, it's practically empty. The only problem is, the thing needs to be plugged in via an unput that I've never seen before. The Tech guy I hired said such an input doesn't exist. Where did this thing come from, I wonder?
Stranger: Well.. I googled it and the first thing I could see was only a model of a Panasonic Video Camera.
You: D:
You: Those bastards.
You: Maybe an unreleased piece of technology?
Stranger: Possibly
You: The logo on my DVX says InfraTech
Stranger: O_o
You: Anyway, that tape?
Stranger: Well, It wouldn't be physically possible to get it to you at this moment.. unless, where do you live?
You: 123, Fake St.
Stranger: -.-'
Stranger: Bart and Milhouse need some help
You: Sorry, I was kidding.
You: 124, Street Fk.
Stranger: ok, well, sorry Sir. But I must be getting to bed.


Stranger: hi
Stranger: hongkong
Your conversational partner has disconnected.


Stranger: 15 f horney
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Stranger: Hi
You: Is this Bob?
Stranger: Yes
Stranger: I like to guy by Bobert tho
Stranger: go by*
Stranger: I had to use the potty
You: I checked there and found the window open and the curtains moving in the breeze.
You: You ran away, Bob
You: You ran away and took my heart with you.
Stranger: I'm sorry...I was outa toilet paper
You: And I'm out of love. I'LL NEVER LOVE AGAIN, BOB.
Stranger: Bobert*
You: I loved you as Bob... not this... this LIE of a name.
You: Obviously not...
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A few more of mine:


Mine usually involve a lot of er.. sexual talk.

I'm a hit with the girls
A few friends and I were sitting on some couches at the mall waiting for some other people to show up. Directly across from me on another couch was a black man holding his phone up facing towards me. My friend texts me "Dude, that nigger is taking a picture of you!"

You had to be there.

Also, my cousin and I were talking about this conspiracy theory that says Jews hold all the power in the world. My cousin says "Fvck the power. N|gger Jews." so I reword his statement to say "N|ggers power fvck the Jews." The only reason it was so funny was because we were in the middle of a wedding ceremony and it was really hard to keep from laughing.

I'll stop now. (none of us are actually racist, except maybe Mike).
I'll just copy what I put in the other thread:

There was this guy from an old forum I used to go to who IMed me EVERY DAY at the worst times. He bragged about how tough he was and how good he was at basketball and how he wanted me to go back to the forum; then this came up:

Him (2:05:06 AM): Join the forum your at. I need a new forum and what better forum is there with that where you is at.
Him(2:05:39 AM): Oh by the way do you like the notebook
Me (2:06:12 AM): What?

I thought it was amusing for a minute that some big tough guy would watch something like The Notebook.
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Yeah it was me wanting to mess with someone. Apparently, he also had the same thing in mind.

Yeah omegle is fantastic, i never get any good people though
I always get disconnected
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omg...wow lol how bout that email? ^^^ read my post

I remembered that I had them in my blogs, so check them out there.
I forgot what happened because it was a while ago but someone was joke iming me or just iming me and i asked where they got my sn from. They answered that they saw it in a chatroom but i hadn't been in one of those in like a year but they kept insisting that they saw me in one the other day. I thought about it for a second and then asked them if they got it off my ug profile. They blocked me.
Stranger: hi
You: whats up!!!
Stranger: what?
You: i asked whats up, as in what are you doing how are you doing whats going on
Stranger: hehe ,i'm reading a book .and you ?
You: psshh books suck. im on the computer right now if you havent noticed.
Stranger: ok,sorry.
You: why apologize? stand up for your love of books!! be a man!!
Stranger: i'm a boy . i think you are right so i apologize
You: WRONG ANSWER! grow some chest hair and when people diss your books you tell them to **** off!!
Stranger: very usefull! thank you!
You: Hi.
Them: Hello.
Them: How are you?
You: I very well, thanks.
Them: Good, anything new.
You: Nope.
Them: Nothing at all?
You: Not that I know of.
Them: Well **** you then.
You: ****!
Stranger: ya so anwyays
Stranger: waht?
You: i stubbed my toe!!!!!!!
Stranger: ouch! how'd ya do that?
Stranger: !!!
Stranger: um, hello?
Stranger: im leaving
Stranger: okay bye
You: a man dressed as a taco just ran in my room and put a wall right where i was about to walk. i didnt see it and my foot went right into the wall. now the ****ing mexicans are throwing confetti
Stranger: asshole
Stranger: wtf
Stranger: okay still. bye asshole
You: OM NOEZ!!!
Stranger: ya that's right
You: but i love you!!
Stranger: you heard me
Stranger: ohhhh god
Stranger: here we go
You: i thought we had something!!
Stranger: i've heard that before
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