I am looking at amps and this just amp just sounds fantastic from all the vids I've seen.

Looking at the website though apparently you need to build them? How hard would that be?

The third and forth packages look like they are fully assembled you just need tubes for the 3rd one, is this true?

Link to site.
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Ceriatone can assemble it for you and send you the fully assembled chassis. The only work you would have to do would be to get a "headshell" for the chassis.


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You can actually buy them with the headshell also. for another like 50 bucks
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It's just that a fully assembled one with shipping would come out to be over 1000 bucks but the non assembled one (kit 2 I believe) would be a bit over 800 and so I could get a cab. Also, no way would I buy the shell, I rather make one myself. The shell is 250 with about 300 dollars in overseas shipping.

Does any one know of a place that sells these amps or kits, not direct from the company? I really don't want to pay the shipping charges.
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