so iv been playing a wasburn bass for awhile with stock active soapbar pickups and i havent really been playing anything heavy, mainly just blues and light rock. but recently i started playing with a metal band playing stuff like killswitch engage and iv started to realize that my bass sounds like absolute crap. its muddy and flat tone without any punch.
and my friend was telling me about these tradition basses with p/j pickups and he tells me they play great and have a nice punchy tone with tons of clarity and the sound im lookin for. but the pricetag was only $299 which seems to me like a lower end bass like a cheap ibanez or squire. are these traditions any good? and how would they compare to the tone of a pbass with p/j pups?

also does tuning a 5 string to e-a-d-g-b change your tone?
I've never heard of that bass however if you're going to tune a bass with a higher string, tune it properly with a high C. There's no reason to tune it to a high B and let's face it - a bass isn't a type of guitar.
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I was looking at a used Warwick Vampyre LTD 5'er for about $200. I went home to grab my wallet and came back and some jerk with an epic beard got it already..
I have a tradition guitar.. hah..

it is a strat copy in vein with squiers.

I believe the same would most likely apply to their basses
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