There is a song called Get Outta My Yard by Paul Gilbert, and he plays the intro solo ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aYlx5gW90Aw ) with a human capo, on a 3 string guitar with all 3 strings tuned to E.

I see a lot of people playing this as sweep picking ( arpeggios ). It very alike, but my question is how do you know what arpeggio to play instead of the way Paul does it?

The first sequence goes like this:

|x(strings not used)--------------------------------------|

The notes go - G,D#,C, G,D#,C, etc, ( all strings tuned to E so same notes on each string )

What arpeggio would that be if you wanted to play it sweep picking?

Edit: By just matching the notes to fit sweep picking, I've come up with:


What arpeggio is this lol?
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I know that it won't give me the sound. I'd rather sweep it vs. tune the top 3 strings on my guitar to E and then tap it haha.