I play everything , but focus on metal /shred.

I use the boss gt-8 for my effects and it has a little bit of everything thing which I really like.

I'm Looking for a amp that will most likely be my last amp since I Don't believe I would ever get a big enough gig to need a stack of 4 x 12 .

I want an amp that is big enough to stand its own in a band but small enough for the bed room , I have concluded that a 2 x 12 would be perfect for my needs since i don't plan to buy another amp after this.

now I don't have budget since I can always work for the money but I would like to keep it as cheap as possible from Google I found out I should probably keep it within 600-1500. Unless you guys believe that I HAVE TO spend more on my future "wife"

now since I use an effects pedal should I really be looking at tube amps ? I know that if i go out to a buddies I prob wont bring my effects pedal and i would like for the amp to be able to stand on its own.

any tips in this regard ?
Buddy of mine said that since I'm using an effect pedal I should just look for a amp that looks good to me and not base it on the quality since once you hit above the 500 mark all amps are pretty much all good enough. I'll let you guys bash him to hell if he's wrong.

please ask questions ,and give recommendations