So I bought an epiphone Dot semi hollow body guitar awhile back andWhen I had it, it was perfectly fine, no fret buzz AT ALL. But a few days ago I replaced the strings. I don't know what gauge the strings were but I'd assume the guitar store would've put gauge 10 strings on it because those are standard for the style of music most people who buy an epiphone dot would use(rock, punk, pop punk, blues, etc. possibly jazz although im sure you'd be buy something other than an epiphone dot for jazz) So i went ahead and XL strings(thats all i remember for the brand cuz theres a HUGE XL on the case for it. i think they may have been dimario strings or something like that. i told the guy at the store i had an epiphone dot and that's what he gave me.)

Well...after replacing the strings i played around with it for a bit and.....well my strings buzz LIKE HELL. every string except the high E string buzzes. So I'm assuming it's the truss rod because I don't think the action would effect string buzz to the point where EVERY string buzzes. Plus I know the previous strings had to be either gauge 10 or gauge 11 so 10 should've been fine to put on it. I thought it may have been an issue with the new strings(they also sound extremely ringy...idk how to explain it, but it sounds very weird on the frets that don't buzz much.) or something but i don't think so.

So what exactly is wrong with it? Cuz i can't figure it out.
id advise investing in getting it prof set up and perhaps making sure the frets are level and well fitted
i do this with every guitar i own
and they all play fantastically
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maybe in replacing the strings, youve widened the nut slightly?
i accidentally did that with a cheap strat knock off and it buzzed like hell
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