im interest in buying one of these guitars
or this
or this

the 3 have edge III tremolos so i ask you
are these tremolos a good option?????
can you tell if there is a better gutiar for the same price or less
please i wanna make a goond choice
It depends on how you are going to use it. If you're gonna be raping the trem with dives and the like constantly, then the edge might break down quite quickly. I mean any bridge would, but the edge 3's do so faster than others.

They do swap directly (as far as i remember) with an official floyd rose trem, so if you grab the guitar now and swap the bridge out later if or when it breaks.

Alternatively go for a different brand, but that's the domain of other ug'ers.
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^+1, correct. If it's set up properly, and your not constantly ****ing with it, it shouldn't be bad, but swap it out for an OFR.
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They all suck, I like the look of the last one though.

^Thats alright, but if its alright if you don't have a floyd, look for the SG version, IMO its better.
On that one, you'd probably need to replace the pickups, which is a hassle with actives, because if you wanna go to passives, then you need to completely gut the guitar and put in new electronics. But, if you want actives, that wouldnt be bad. I have had an Edge III-equipped Ibanez for almost a year, and it's perfectly okay with moderate use of the tremolo.
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Edge III tremolo's are absolute crap, and no human should be ever allowed to play one. I`d rather get myself a Saber series guitar with the ZR which is far superior to Edge III. http://lawl.net/gtr/trems