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Well mine is.....quick browse of columns and lessons....then to the pit for mindless lulz

how bout yours??
my starting page is the pit. check my threads to see if anyone's posted, check my profile if anyone's posted, check my mp3s to see if anyone's posted, then run to the pit again and post lulz.
Electric guitar... Then occasionally the Pit for some mindless fun.

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I start with GG&A. Then I go to Electric Guitar, Musician Talk, Tabs & Chords, Bands & Artists, and finally, The Pit.


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Argue in the pit.
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Check the newest tabs, check the tab lists for my favorite artists, go to the acoustic/classical forum, and then to the pit for the rest of the day.
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Favoeurite artists section to check for updates, then just a quick scan every so often at the front page where it has that window to the forums, then i post on topics where i feel im needed, thats about it
Go directly to The Pit, do not pass go and do not receive $200. Unless there's a specific song I want to play.
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Let me get this straight. You're asking a bunch of people who are sitting at their computers, likely due to boredom, what to do for fun.

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click the 'pit' button in my toolbar, read a few threads, then check my profile for PMs, comments whatever. Yes I am that sad

or if I need a tab, I've got openDNS set up so I just need to type 'ug' into the address bar to take me to the main page, or 'pit' to take me here.
You're using UG classic, congratulations.
You should be using UG classic.

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http://the llama forum because its gone forever which sucks and I hate it.
Go to ug, look at the start page threads, then troll pit...... then leave.
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I do a Google search for 'Ultimate Guitar The Pit' and straight into business.
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Electric guitar... Then occasionally the Pit for some mindless fun.

I'm always logged in

But when I do 'return,(no leaving this place, amirite??)' first thing I do is check news to see if there's anything good, then hit 'forum' tab, search my name to see if I've been quoted, search Chevelle to see how the only non-pit area/thread I go to (modern rock, chevelle fans) is doing, then to the pit for some lulz.
The Pit.

Then straight to -

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The Pit.

Check lit thread.

See whatever else is interesting.
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Literature thread
Check my profile -> sometimes front page -> search my name -> Browse the pit
Cruise the pit
Cruise bands + artists
Cruise Sire Suggestions
Cruise Guitar Techniques
Reply to comments on profile
Make the daily blog

Occasionally look for tabs
I'm always logged in so I just click the Pit bookmark on my sidebar.

Then I check the 80's, Shred and Prog forum for any GnR or Porcupine Tree news, and then I like to look at Site Suggestions (). Then I'll have a quick look at Metal and Other, and finally the front page to check my widgets.
open a profile tab
open a tab for the pit
check my profile out
post in the pit

Sometimes I'll check my posts out from over night so see what happened in that thread when I left.
Profile>Posts by Me>Reply to Said Posts>Click 'The Pit'>Profile>Posts by Me>Reply to Said Posts, etc.
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Profile>Posts by Me>Reply to Said Posts>Click 'The Pit'>Profile>Posts by Me>Reply to Said Posts, etc.

If you search your name you'll get results of people quoting your posts. In an easier fashion
Log on> Take off pants> Scratch warts> Gaming Thread.
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Pooping is well good though, to be fair.

I've got a handle on the fiction.

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i have the pit on my chrome homepage and i just change the "11" to a "6" for the bass forum and vice-versa
EDIT: sometimes i put "66" for whatever that is. site suggestions i think
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Type UG into browser > Click first and only link (which is The Pit) > Read > Electric Guitar/GB&A
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I check out any cool articles on the home page and then come straight into the pit. When the pit's stash of win dries up then i go to the bass forums or bandleading. I may occasionally venture into songwriting and offer crit for crit. But mainly the pit though.
Open homepage > check for interesting articles/front page threads > open any of those in new tabs > Take me to the forums > Control Panel in new tab > any other decent threads in new tabs > cycle through reading as I please.
Hey, look. Sigs are back.
i usualy check my profile then go to the pit if there isnt any good lulz i lurk the other areas like G&C
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I love you for that thread...

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1. Open mozilla
2. Type ultimate guitar in google
3. Click the 1st one
4. Look at news (only on the front page)
5. Click forums tab
6. Click the pit
7. Scroll along the 1st page looking for interesting threads
8.Open all interesting threads in new tabs
9. Post in threads if necessary
10. Post a new thread if i have GOOD NEWS EVERYONE[/SIZE=7] *e-cookie for reference*
12. Profit?

Then if i need a tab:
1. Steps 1, 2, 3, 4 repeated
2. Type band in search bar if looking for numerous tabs from one band, just the song if looking for a song
3. Click filter GP files
4. Await loading if my interwebz has been slowed from downloading
5. Click highest rated song
6. Download GP file
7. ?????
8. Profit?

But recently, im trying to buy and amp off someone so ive been needing to check my PM inbox.

EDIT: Sometimes i look in the GB&C threads.
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1. Log in
2. Continue fapping
3. enter the Pit
4. Still fapping
5. read a thread in the Pit
6. instant loss of boner
7. mourning the loss of said boner
Straight to the Pit, browse around, see if there's any good topics. Then to Electric Guitar for a bit, and then back to the Pit.
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