Hi guys,
Basically I'm considering gigging Brothers in Arms by dire straits, but I'm having trouble finding the right sound, similar to mark knopflers guitar sound in this song. ATM I have a sh!thouse 40W marshall combo, doesn't have adjustable anything really, but I'm buying a combo with adjustable t/m/b, distortion levels etc. Just wanting to know if anyone can help me out in finding his tone? e.g. amp settings, effects etc cheers
hmm, difficult one, as the tone is mostly in his fingers, and in the way he plays. are you going to emulate his fingerstyle playing?
also, what guitar? as i think he uses a strat for the most part, plus his custom suhr, but middle postition is where i think he plays mostly, with tone knob on full. as for amp settings, i can only help with a clean tone, as my band covers sultans of swing (which would be bass-6, mids-4 and treble-7) but maybe try working from there for an overdriven tone.
hope that helped
Knopfler's tone really is all about how he plays, you need to use your fingers.
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Yay! Knopfler is one of my main influences.

Knopfler basically has two signature tones. The first as explained above is done with his strat, and is the tone used on Sultans of Swing, Lady Writer etc. The second is his distorted tone associated with Money for Nothing and Brothers in Arms etc. I'm guessing you're going for the second.

Knopfler played a Gibson LP on both of these tracks, his specifically was an early 80s re-issue of a '69 LP (or something like that). So an LP type guitar would help. He also played "Brothers" with a wah pedal on, but left half-way for the entire song. If you don't have a wah pedal you can get a similar effect by turning your tone knob down. A delay pedal would be handy (Like a Boss DD-6 or DD-3, whatever you can afford) or you can get a similar effect by turning up the reverb on your amp. Obviously Knopfler has a tad of british-type distortion on the track, but when he plucks the strings lightly he can get a clean sound, suggesting that whilst his amp is on a distortion/drive channel, the drive/gain is not up too high. As the guy above me said, use your fingers to get a more authentic sound.

On the other hand you can get a PodXT live or similar multi-effects pedal that is compatible with online patches, and download the relevant "Brothers in Arms" patch and chuck that into your amp.

Here's a vid of the latter;
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
Also learn how to use volume swells, they are the major part of the sound and the 'feel' of that song, volume pots are very useful
thanks guys, this has been helpful. I saw in the brothers in arms vid that knopfler was using an lp, I'm using a mim standard tele, and I've got a morley tremonti power wah, which is sprung load (might try jamming something under it). My fingerpicking skills are shocking, I was actually kinda hoping that wouldn't be the answer lol. I'm going to have to look into these "volume swells", and upgrading to a combo which has adustable treb/mid/bass.