I know they're both pretty s**tty guitars. But which is better?

This is to settle an argument between me and a mate.

Thanks in advance!
Depends on what u want.
I personally prefer the strat out of both.

For some the GAX is better cuz of wider neck, HH configuration...
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Ibanez wins. Im sorry but no competition here
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Well for having played both guitars and having owned the GAX30 as my first guitar ever I'd go with the Ibanez. I really prefered the owerall feeling of the guitar.

But again, you should try them both for yourself.
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id prefer the ibanez.squire are too inconsistant with quality

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IMO, I think the bullet strat is a good beginner guitar. It's what I have and I've no issues with it. The tone is good, the tuners are a little bit imprecise (as in the tuning knobs are not as sensitive as fancier guitars), and the finish on the neck isn't as waxy as a real couple hundred $ strat, but overall, i think you'll get a good bang for your buck if you're looking at cheap beginner guitars.

I haven't tried the GAX30, so I can't comment on it. Personally, I prefer the bright sound of single coil pickups....humbuckers are a little too warm for me. You'll have to consider which pickup tone you'd want your guitar to have as well.