My brother and I are starting a band, influences like Killswitch Engage, Trivium, All That Remains ect.. We need a skilled bassist, a guitarist who can play rhythm and lead, and possibly a vocalist. We are going for a sound similar to the influences listed above but its going to be our own sound. We are looking for individuals who want to make careers out of their music, serious people who love music and would like to end up recording, playing shows and making the most out of the band. I am looking for individuals who are not only skilled but dedicated, making it to practice every time and doing whatever it takes to help the band is a must. If you want to be serious about your music and you play what we need please feel free to email me, I will reply quickly with further details about meeting up and jamming and all that good stuff. We are looking for musicians 18-25ish years old,who are ready to make music.
We are in Canton Georgia.

When you email me please include.
Strong and weak points as a player.
Desired position (guitarist, vocals, bassist)
Gear (guitar, amp, mic, pa, ect.)
What other skills do you have that could be useful to our band.
Influences (what bands do you like)
Can your read or write music or lyrics? (not a must, but definitely preferred)
Preferred method of contact.
And anything else you really feel we should know.

That's about it, send your email to kalboinen@gmail.com and I will get back to you as quickly as possible, thanks a lot!
My musical equipment.

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