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what is the gauge of your pick? and what brand it is?

mine is tortex .88mm. the green one.
what's yours?

Jim Dunlop Nylon Jazz III.

And custom made LordPino fingernails.
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Quote by raichu016
oh that's thick..

I thought that too at first, but there really great for soloing. It took my few attempts to get used to the pick but in the end I got used to it.
Jim Dunlop USA standard pick .60mm and .73mm
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Jazz III black...but I have some reds just in case I can't find my black ones
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I use Fender Mediums mostly, and have been for about 7 years.
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I use Fender Heavy Picks, They give more "Power" (too me anyway)
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pretty much ill use anything thats above 1.14 mm.
although right now im particular to jazz 3 2.00 stubbies and 1.14 regular tortex picks.
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Eric Johnson Red Jazz IIIs

Only difference to the normal that I found is it's easier for me to grip. The normal red Jazz IIIs always fell out of my fingers.
My thickest pick is a 2mm Big Stubby, and my shortest a .38mm Dunlop. I usually play with my .71mm Dunlop or Fender Medium, but when I'm playing heavier stuff I'll use my 1.14mm.
1.0 mm Jim Dunlop pick. I found it under the couch at my friends house. Looking to buy some jazz III's next time I go out, they sound like they would be nice for me.
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Dunlop nylon .46
The really floppy ones. I can't strum with a stiff pick soI started using these and ended up getting used to them for everything.
Quote by slayerfrk
i use jazz III's that i file down so theyre pointier

there's so many users of jazz III here. why jazz III?
I use .73 Dunlop Ultex picks, but I've been considering switching to the Jazz III XL's because they're more available.
jazz 3s
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Quote by slayerfrk
cause theyre comfy and i think they have a better sound then other picks

i'll buy one but i dont know if it is available here in our country
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Quote by slayerfrk
im pretty sure most guitar stores sell them, theyre pretty well known

oh i see. tortex here are out of stocks. they sell more ernie ball picks
tortex in either turtle green or yellow
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Quote by Andrea55

Got lots of Jazz III XL they're smooth sounding picks which I recommend everyone to possess.

I've also come to like the big Stubby but they produce a more squeaky sound on higher strings,depends on the sound I want I guess.
Quote by SeeEmilyPlay
and omg these are insane

i dont want to use that. it's so thick
Quote by KoenDercksen
Big Stubby 2mm

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Quote by SeeEmilyPlay
lol too thick for me!

hehehe.. ... why you buy that pick?the one in your thread
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