Hi guys, a (hopefully) simple question..
I've come across something interesting - I only starting to build up gear again and got hold of a brilliant condition OD-2R, in box everything. Thing is, it only switches when you lift your foot from the pedal, not stomp on it, for both switching on and off.
OK, now, obviously this has something to do with the mechanics of the latching switch, but I inspected it (briefly, I must admit) before a practice session, and it doesn't seem that there's a lot to do about it.
Just want to know if anyone else has had similar problems and if there's something to do about it?

the footswitch i made is like that too.

i just got used to it
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that's called apathy is it not? im used to it too, but would still like it normal to go with my delay and remote switches im to make. basically just wanna stick to the 'standard'..