Wow, I gotta say this was a great cover of the song. Your vocals suit this song (this is definately a good direction for the style of song you should cover).

Guitar was good too but I think there was a bit where the second guitar came in which was out of sync (I'm guessing it's your soundcard though). Other than that just work on emphasising certain phrases to get the emotion of the song perfect (e.g. the "arrest this man" should go up an octave in the 'rest' part of the sentence).

"No suprises" was good also but I think Karma Police was better.

Quote by jimtaka
i'd say your guitar is out of tune, or you are accidentally muting strings that you aren't trying to, or your right hand isn't strumming at the same time that your left hand is fretting, or you could be reading the tab upside down...
good work.
parts were out of sync...
how did you rec your guitar? sounded good.
You've gone a bit overboard on the compression/limiting, the bass and drums are distorting like crazy which detracts from what's a good performance on your part. I agree with PurpleMonkeyDW, this is the kind of music you should be making, your vocals suit the song very well. Clean up the timing issues and do the drums over and this is a great cover.