i need help chosing a combo amp

i dont have too much money so try to keep it below 1G

i need it for gigging in pubs and clubs

i use a musicman stingray 4 and a epiphone eb-3

my current amp is a ashdown 5 - 15 but it is not loud enough

i am looking for something that will make someons ears bleed....

i play in hard rock band
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I love my SWR workingpro 15 200 watts The slackadjuster

i was just going to suggest the 112. do they have the workingpro in a 2x10 config?
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yes they do, Kiv. the 2x10c. love that amp, it carries low end pretty well for a 2x10- it aint no 15, but it's passable.

Carvin really is a good place for you TS- especially if you are willing to get a half stack.
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You need to be looking at Carvin right now. That's where you're going to get all your watts, coupled with great sound, and shaping abilities. Also, buy a stack not a combo in the price range. You can't really upgrade a combo slowly, you have to do all or nothing whereas with a stack, you can kind of do your upgrading over time which results in a much better rig for you in the end.