alright well you used a basic chord progression for this song but it works for a reason. also oddly the vocals kind of reminded me of corey taylors from slipknots song circle but i guess thats just because i fell asleep last night listening to it.

although cliche the guitar was good and the vocals went along well with it. it was nice that this song had drums because most other songs like this are just typically solo acoustic.

perhaps make it longer (or not, i think im just a fan of long songs).

it was a good song and if thats just a demo then i suppose it can only get better.

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Uploaded to youtube since the music player on ultimate guitar isnt working.
i'll get to that crit in a bit.
well. its the "so happy together" melody for the verses. verry cetchy. it was okay. it sounds very early 60'ish. not bad at all. the lyrics were okay. the drums sounded good. youre a beatles fan i see. and you have that style down. john lennon would be proud. this is cool. there needs to be more music like this. so its an okay song man. but it dident realy suck me in, and kind of left a stale kind of taste in my mouth. good job though.

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