I play mostly Classic Rock and Funk Rock, using a Gibson LP and a Standard Strat

Important features for me:

- Clean channel that stays clean at high volumes
- Organic tube overdrive at low volumes
- Portable (not too heavy)
- Series loop
- watt-age reduction (optional)

Your opinion?
I know it's over 40w but what about a Fender Supersonic?

Failing that, maybe an AC30?
egnater rebel 30, we sell them where I work and I tried one of the first ones off the truck. thats exactly what you want. small 30 watt combo that sounds freakin huge. has a 30watt-1watt knob on each channel but it doesn't sound like 1watt sounds like 5 or 10 watts at its lowest setting. its loaded with features for all different sounds. I noticed I wasn't getting a sound I was looking for then I switched guitars to something completely different like a tele, and I realized, this amp is perfect and it can do any sound if you have the guitar for that sound.
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Peavey Classic 30
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Orange TT combo/head (Your choice. I would just go for the head since you could get a good cab and still fit the $1000 budget)
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I know it's over 40w but what about a Fender Supersonic?

Both the head and combo versions of the Supersonic are 60 watts, and it's over $1000 (USD) most places. But really, you should consider this. Fenders have a rep for shitty gain channels, but the Suprsonic is based off the Prosonic, which was designed by Paul Rivera. And as are most Fenders, it's very clean.
I love my Bogner Alchemist! You might give one a try.
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How about;

- Orange Rocker 30
- Egnater Rebel 30
- Blackstar Artisan 30

Would any of these fit the bill?
Quote by Sirakov
How about;

- Orange Rocker 30
- Egnater Rebel 30
- Blackstar Artisan 30

Would any of these fit the bill?

Orange: Well it would fit fairly well. It's a great amp for classic rock I play classic rock and my Rocker 30 has been GREAT for that (however I did put in a new speaker I might add). Listen to the clips of my band, that's a Rocker 30. However it is VERY heavy (weightwise) with big transformers and the brich wood. Might also add that it's quite loud!

Egnater Rebel 30: I haven't tried this amp, since it's nowhere near to be found here. However of ANY amp on this earth, this might be the one I want to try the most. It's supposed to be amazing and great for classic rock and the power scale allows you to control the headroom.

Haven't tried nor heard much about the Blackstar I'm afraid.
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Classic 30, Hot Rod Deluxe, the Orange amps previously mentioned, maybe a used Marshall?
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Traynor YCV/YCS/etc....


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