so I've been using ernie ball regular slinkys for as long as i can remember, but i think im going to try out some other brands. What exactly are the differences between ernie balls and daddarios and blue steels for instance?
i think its personal preference but i have Ernie Ball Not Even Slinky's on my Ibanez for a month and i already see a hump on the E string so im not gnna buy any of em again. gnna try DR strings
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I absolutely despise D'Addario. Cheapo strings that rust like hell, at least from what I've used. They also break like hell, and I don't consider myself to be a hard strummer.

Ernie Ball coated strings are a guitar player's string orgasm. They last forever, totally worth the $10.

It's best to try out a variety of brands. As many things on the guitar, it's all personal preference.
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TO be honest it really does allcount on personal preferance, for example I despise Daddarios (or however its spelt), but the rhythm guitarist in my band always uses them.

Personally, my favourites are Rotosounds and Dunlops. I've heard good things about Elixir strings too, and they last for ages apparently.

Just like everything else with guitar, try out everything till you find your favourite xD

At least trying out different kinds of strings won't cost stupid amounts
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Anyway, I've been using Ernie Balls since I started too, I mainly use the Power Slinkys, most shops around here only sell Ernie Balls, so I don't get much of a choice, but I'm thinkin' about ordering some DR Strings soon, thinkin' about trying the DR Black Beauties!
I quite like GHS strings, personally. When they're new they don't have that tinny 'new string' sound you get with a few brands. Still clear and 'bright' sounding, and tonally they last ages and don't break easily.

I tried Elixirs which were quite good, their tone lasts for ages, but the high E and B strings seemed to break quite easily, at least for me. I went through two top Es in a day once which hadn't happened before.

I've tried Ernie Ball strings a few different times with different sets and i'm not really a fan. At least on their 10-46 sets, the low E seemed really dull and lacked definition compared to the others, which weren't really to my tastes either (a bit dull sounding IMHO). Used a couple of 10-52 sets, and they didn't seem to have the dull sounding low E, but still overall a bit too dull/warm compared to what i'm used to.

I hear good things about D'Addarios, though haven't used any yet, ordered a couple sets yesterday.
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I use super slinkies and they work pretty well. i have heard great things about elixr's though. They are supposed to last for a very long time and they improve your playing. Of course i would take that with a grain of salt. But a buddy of mine who shreds a lot says they really help with speed. They must do something right because they cost more than double what my super slinkies do.
I like D'Addarios, you need to get the 10s though or they wear out way to quick, I have tens on mine, they last about 3 months, and while thats not a long time, for me its just fine. I also happen to like the tone and feel of them better then Ernie Ball. My favorite strings I have ever used were brightwires, but they are ridicoulusly expensive, so I will stick with d'addarios for now. As with everything else about guitar, it is all personal preference.
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