Hey Guys,

Since i started recording iv been doing everything Directly into my Audio Interface. Obviously this has limitations, such as not being able to record vocals/acoustic guitar/live amps, etc.

I was now looking at getting myself a microphone to record all three of these things. I hear Dynamic mics are better for recording from amps, and Condensors are better for recording Vocals and Acoustic Guitar, but i cannot really afford a Condensor (due to lack of phantom power, then needing to buy a phantom power box, then needing to use the microphone for live amps as well).

I will be running this microphone through my M-Audio Fast-Track and into reaper. I need it for Recording Vocals/Acoustic Guitar/Live Amps, if somebody could recommend me a few Microphones under 100 pounds, preferably around 70-80 pounds, thanks very much

Edit - One microphone i was looking at was the Sennheiser E835, any opinions on this would be very helpful.
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I've recorded vocals with an SM57 that have come out sounding excellent, you just have to be really creative with them is all.
Best sound I ever got out of it was hand held with my hand covering the gap between the body of the mic and the capsule, which sounded very odd, but it worked for the mix and sounded agressive as hell.

And if you can't get a studio quality tone with an SM57 and a nice amp+cab you're doing something wrong. You will get so much mileage out of a single SM57 it's downright silly.

However... Once you bring the desire to record acoustic guitar into the fray, it all gets a bit awkward. I've gotten great acoustic sounds with the SM57 blended in with a large diaphragm condenser, to add a bit more body to the sound, but I have a lot of trouble getting a good acoustic sound with JUST a 57. Dynamic mics are far from suited for acoustics.
If you have two it's easier though. One on the soundhole, one pointed at the fretboard, around the 12th fret, blend to taste. But either one of those mic positions done with a 57 ON ITS OWN sounds too thin or too thick. A mic position somewhere smack dab in the middle just sounds lame.
If you can afford two 57's then you'd be able to afford a 57 and a cheap condenser, which is what I'd advise.
If you can't afford that straight away, get a 57 and start saving your pennies for a condenser.
I'd recommend the AKG Perception series for a nice sounding, affordable LDC. I have a perception 200 and it was about £80 when i got it. Sounds great on acoustic
Okay guys, scrap that about not being able to get a condensor, i have found a phantom power box for about £20. So if anybody could suggest a condensor for around £60-ish that would be brilliant and i will check them out.

Thanks for all that information ^^, i was initially checking out the 57 simply because its widely used, and i will still probably getting one around christmas time to record from my amp. But i will use this microphone mainly for acoustic and vocals sooo.

Also i have no idea on the wiring configuration with a condensor -

From my fast track, what wire will connect my phantom power box to it?

Then from my phantom power box, is it just an xlr to xlr? or something different?
This is where i keep getting lost

Thanks very much for all the help, i really appreciate it
I have had a good look through some condensors and found a well priced mic with generally good reviews from alot opf sources. A setup i can get for £91 -

Samson CO1 - £40
Behringer PS400 Phantom Power 48v - £23
Samson BL3 Ultra-Light Microphone Boom Stand - £23
Delivery - £5

Obviously this is just a draft up of what i need, just so i can change each component as i get more and more information.

I could really use some help on which wires i will need to purchase, as buying the wrong ones could be quite costly.

Thanks for all the help!
The Samson CO1 creates a lot of self-noise in my experience, also you can probably get a better mic stand for £23, have a look on studiospares.com


That might be a better choice than the samson
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Alright ^^

That Microphone does look better but i doubt id be able to afford it, i could possibly stretch to that, but id need to know that it was going to be worth it, thanks for the help though

Anybody else?

Edit - Just seen the Mxl 990 microphone which is supposedly very good, any opinions?
Id have to import from the US so extortionate postage prices are in order.

Edit 2 - Just found a Mxl 990s, im not sure what the s is, but apparently - this model adds a -10dB pad and 150Hz low-cut switch. The 990s is a true, phantom-powered, condenser microphone with a 6-micron, 20mm gold-sputtered diaphragm with high quality FET preamp and balanced output.

I found it for an EXTREMELY good price, any ideas?
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Check out the reviews for all of the mics you're considering on the sound on sound website.
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become a circumsizer, you get like £60,000 a year + tips.

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Because I'm not aerodynamic. All the other airborne furniture laugh at me.

I'v read through lots of reviews, and listened to lots of sound clips and i really like the Mxl 990.

But i found a brilliant deal (We're talking 1/4 of the price!) on the Mxl 990s and im not sure what the difference is
If it was the same just with the bass boost switch i think i will be getting it.
Scrap that ^^^

I have done a bit more searching around, and basically what i found was the Mxl 990/991 package with the M-audio Audiobuddy. I would need to get it imported and total cost is £121, which is good considering it would usually cost me £100 just for the microphone package, and then £60 for the audiobuddy.

I would only be using the audiobuddy for the phantom power, but would it improve my sound any? or should i avoid it?

I have tried looking for some more options and all i find are microphones which have better prices in the US, and are hugely overpriced in the UK.

Is the package actually good quality? or is the price the only draw?

Thanks very much