So it's a noise gate somehow similar to compression? if not can anyone explain me the difference?, oh and are they really that useful?
A noise gate cuts out any hiss and "noise" (surprise!) And a compression pedal makes notes go on for longer hence why they are sometimes called a sustainer.
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and a compressor will INCREASE the amount of noise in your signal chain...especially if you have cheap gear or use lots of gain.
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A compressor is great when you're trying to achieve a crystal-clear sound. Noisegates are generally used when you're using a lot of gain, which generally causes feedback, but it's eliminated with the noisegate.
A compressor evens stuff out basically. Makes quiet stuff louder and makes loud stuff quieter, basically. Reducing the dynamic range.

A noise gate just cuts noise like hissing and electrical buzzing and such.

Noise gates are great for 'stoppy starty' riffs and heavy gain where you get electrical noise, and compressors also have thier uses (Sustainer like someone said and tightening up your sound mostly).
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yup. noise gate= no extra gain fizz
compressor= longer sustained notes, and a tighter, more *compressed* sound
Clean, I usually use a compressor just to sustain longer, but with metal-style gain, definately need a noise gate instead.
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Also, i should add that the noise gate only takes away noise when you're not playing anything. But when the gate is open, none of the noise is reduced
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^yup. There are some noise extractors that are simply a peremetric EQ that will always filter noise but those tend to only eliminate your 60cycle hum and are useless for getting rid of pedal noise or any noise introduced by a humbucker. Noise gates are more of an on/off swich and whenever volume is too low they simply shut off so no sound gets through

To add to what has already been said, because a compressor makes quiet stuff louder and louder stuff quiet, it means that they tend to bring out the noise and make it more noticeable. Really, the two pedals have nothing in common.

The most popular stomp box compressors are used primarily to add sustain, but compressors also work well to balance out tone and with the compression (sustain) set low it can make the guitar sound much fuller and more powerful because it'll squish the tone into the frequency range that our ears hear better. Utimatly this gives you more of a "mastered" or "mixing desk" tone rather than a raw "plug and play" tone.
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wow thank you very much to everyone, i really understand it now =)