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They say with other guitars they would need to tweak them for live play or couldn't use the same as in the studio live.

Why is this? And what kind of mods are they talking about if anyone knows?

Just heard it and it interested me because ive never heard of it before.
Marketing talk.
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Really the only reason you would need different guitars for the studio and live is if you have a really lovely sounding guitar that you use for recordings that is very valuable and you wouldn't want to take on tour and risk it getting broke.

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Ah right so there wouldn't be any difference? These people were making me think there was something special about studio guitars...thanks guys.
Somebody like angus young uses the same set up studio or live probably. But somebody like billy gibbons will use all sorts of crazy stuff in the studio you would never see him use live. Hes been known to play the same section of a song on a strat and a LP for 2 different tones. Or his trick of building an igloo of strange and different combo amps with 1 mic in the middle vs have to mic 20 different amps at once. Some people will use a smaller combo amp in the studio vs their 100w stacks. And there are of course all the studio tricks that can be employed that are next to impossible live. Like plugging your guitar straight into the mixer then triple or quadruple tracking it to really thicken things up.

The whole studio guitar thing like what gibson or epi puts out was it had the same tone but without all the fancy binding etc on em. Now it just means they use cheaper materials and less effort in building them. And not everybody wants to go on tour with a 35k guitar that could be stolen.
i used to use my strat loaded with actives for live situations but never in the studio where i was concerned about tone.
Sponsorship/Endorsement. You use the endorsers' guitars live, and the ones you really like in the studio. Or you really care about tone and you seriously cannot use a JCM800 for a song/riff, so you get a fender twin reverb. Or you don't use a Strat when you need a les paul. CAn go on forever.
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