I have a Fridgidaire fridge, and the stupid ice despenser got stuck on "crush".
like, the buttons work fine, but if you put it on "Cube", it still crushes it.

does anybody know if this can be fixed?

it's not too bad as we can just reach in and get the ice, but if it's a quick fix it's worth it.
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All I know is that refrigerators work really well in haikus.
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You have to prove that you have love and respect for your refridgerator, only then will it run as you wish.
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I don't know why I clicked on this thread thinking I could be of help
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call a tech?
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A refrigerator cools food.
i have one.

see, I know 2 things about refrigerators. where's my prize?

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Refrigerators don't crush the ice in Brazil.

Just tought you guys should know it.


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Is it a switch or button that changes it?

It's two seperate buttons, and they have a light when they are turned on.
but like i said, i can turn on the cube setting, and it'll still crush.

and yes blackflag49 it's running otherwise normally as it should.
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Leave it on crush, who needs cubed anyways? Crushed Ice FTW!!!

Crushed ice sucks.
unless you WANT your drink waterred down in less than 2 minutes. =P
1)Take the front panal off where the buttons are
2)stare at the exposed wires
3)scratch head and then call a tech out.
4)it is now fixed
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A refrigerator cools food.
i have one.

see, I know 2 things about refrigerators. where's my prize?

Beat me to it.
Older models have a metal bar inside at the ice tray that can be moved manually. It's likely internal and inaccessible without tools if your fridge was made in the last 15-20 years.
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a quick fix for broken ice cubes?

buy ice cube trays for 99 cents.
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check to see if there's any three-week old tuna stuck somewhere.
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Why yes, I do know a thing or two about refrigerators
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2) They are the source of all magnetism
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