So, I ordered a laptop on July 26th. I ordered a case for it which finally came today. So my problem is, I got an email saying the laptop shipped on the 31st, but when I use the tracking number on the Fedex website, It says the order has just initiated and it has been 3 days and nothing has been updated (The case was picked up, in transit and delivered within 3 days, but nothing has happened for the laptop). So is it shipping yet or is it just stuck somewhere?
I once claimed $1800 for not recieveing goods on time. Got offered only 100 or something. I refused to take it.
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How was it shipped? Ground shipping seems to rarely update or be accurate. 3 day, 2 day, and over night will usually show right. Plus if it's picked up, there's no guarantee that it actually shipped that day.
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it shipped using the 5-7 business days. I'm pretty sure it was ground. btw it says itll be here by the 5th, thats why im worried.
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