Yeah, I noticed there are a billion threads like this out there already, but oh well.

I have about $300 to spend on a decent amp.

It needs to be loud enough for a small stage. I'd prefer it if it didn't sound like crap at lower volumes (I'd like to be able to use it at home without pissing off my neighbors), but being able to play it quietly isn't too much of a necessity.

I play some heavy metal, alt. rock, and a few clean pieces of my own.

75 watt Peavey Vypyr? I have one, They sound good for what they are. The versatility is what i like. No need for pedals and stuff.
a gigging amp for 300? uhh peavey valveking
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a gigging amp for 300? uhh peavey valveking

I do beleive a valve king is out of his budget. Last i looked they are around 450 or so.
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I do beleive a valve king is out of his budget. Last i looked they are around 450 or so.

From what I've seen, yeah, quite a bit out of my budget...
You may be able to find a used Peavey Classic 30 for around $300. Vyper would probably be your best bet on the SS side of things.
Used Crate V32 Palomino, I got mine for $330, and mine is a 2x12 combo, you could get a 1x12 for less. It might need a Distortion or and OD to push it into Metal territory, but it's OD is great by itself for anything else and cleans are pretty good. Plenty loud enough for small gigs and sounds great!
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Dude, I have the Peavey Vypyr 75. I'm sure it will show up A LOT in this thread, and that's a good thing. It's a very versatile amp, so you can play all of your songs. It'll be good for small gigs and it has a PowerSponge which makes it sound better at low volumes. Yeah, it's not the best power sponge, but I think it gets the job done.
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Hm... I have another question, now.

I currently have a Crate GX60C that works OK, but the sound cuts out after I've been playing for a while, and I have to tap it to get it to work again for a few minutes before the sound cuts out again. (It was a freeby my dad found tossed on the curb with garbage. )

The lead guitarist in my band and I are trying to get similar sounds out of our amps, but he needs to get a larger amp, so we were thinking of just buying the same amps for simplicity's sake.

But would it be a better idea for us to both buy new amps, or for him to just buy a new amp and I get my Crate repaired?

The model of Crate Amp I have is discontinued, and the sound on it is a little off at times, anyway (It always sounds slightly muffled).
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