OK so i have i problem. I know how to ollie fine, i can get about 1.5 feet of air. My problem is pop shuvititng. When i try to pop shuvit, my board goes too high and i cant jump high enough to reach it. I always end up under my board and do a pop shuvet and 900,000,000 kickflips along with it. Any Help?
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Do a pentatonic minor solo over the top?
Use google to find "ultimate-skateboard.com"?
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try turning it to 11
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change the position your feet are in, and try changing your stance as in lean your body weight forward or backward (depending if your doing front/side or b/s shuvit) also youtube has tutorial vids.
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Well, seeing how you can't do Shuvits, start small, don't try to get a lot of air and stuff. The name says it all, you have to shove the board to whatever side you want to, what you do is like do a manual, and when you're at the right angle, shove it to whatever way you're going, and jump, but not to high. If you're regular and you're shoving it to the right, both feet should align. Practice it sitting down without a board, have your right foot go southwest, and have your left foot go northeast. This is kind of hard to explain over the Internet.
try to distribute your weight more forward so that you land upon the board,when you focus too much on how to do a certain flip you often end up just shooting the board away and not landing on it.
you're probably using your front foot to do most of the shuving. a pop shuv usually comes from your back foot
It's called practice, there's no such thing as a quick fix in skateboarding.
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Try to keep the board lower, watch your balance/how your standing etc.
Practice makes perfect.
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Okay... here we go...

when your popping the board, jump a split second before actually popping the board, than do what you'd do for a popshuvit.

I dunno, just practice, experiment. while your sittng at the computer asking how to do it, you could be outside, trying to get it right.

when you first get it perfect, it will feel amazing, but you have to do some on your part.

oh, and if you have riser pads, take em off if your poping the board too high.

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It's called practice, there's no such thing as a quick fix in skateboarding.

and this. get used to it.
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Give up and go play Skate?

Other than that i can't help :P I snapped all the ligaments in my knee on a vert ramp and i haven't touched my board since. That was about 2 years ago and my knee is still ****ed