Which should I learn if I'm planning to be a guitarist in the future... Jazz,Blues, or Classical? Right now I'm self taught, I know basic things, I can read treble and bass clef because of piano, I know basic theory, I only know A major pentatonic scale on guitar, I read tabs , I don't really know the notes on the fret board, I play bass also, I play metal mostly. I want to get technical!
Depends on what you want to do.

Session guitarist - EVERY Genre and all the theory behind them.

Band - Whatever genre you will be playing.

But honestly, learn them all.
Learn all of them and combine them together.
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I have only 2 years left of high school ;( so I'm not really sure where to go... I'm thinking about getting into a band but I'm also open to other things. I'm not sure what I can accomplish in 2 years. I've been playing since grade 6 I'm going into grade 11 this year. Sorry guys I'm sorta lost still, I really could use some guides, thanks guys!
Well if you want to get 'technical' as you say, then you definitely need to know your theory. And I agree with blue_strat, if you plan on being a guitarist in the future you should familiarise yourself with different playing styles as much as possible- it'll make you a more versatile and knowledgeable player.