it gets kinda boring and old, i play distorition and fast, how do i make it more punk? not the little sissy punk i mean how to make my solos like RKL,ST,DK etc.
Major Scale, Minor scale.
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What scales are you playing in?
Try some natural minor or something instead of pentatonic.
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Use scales other than the pentatonic and blues scale. Try the major scale and it's modes.
solos sounding more punk is kind of redundant. just dont do scales. just do random ****. that'll sound less bluesy.
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What scales are you playing in?
Try some natural minor or something instead of pentatonic.

this or mix all the minors just dont use the blues scale not that hard

stop bending! just do all hammers and pulloffs that'll help dull it down
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Nothing to do with the scale you use, just stop playing blues.

The pentatonic scale isn't inherently bluesy, it's just the only way you've learned to use it.
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The pentatonic scale can be anything. Lots of different cultures around the world use a pentatonic scale that is very similar to our own, yet they don't sound bluesy.
play minor scales. don't bend notes as much. play fast and atonally if you want to sound like greg ginn.
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