Hey Everyone,

I am new to the forum and to ultimate-guitar.com and I have had a hard time not only finding hip hop tabs and chords here but all over the internet. Am I the only one who wants to pick up a guitar play songs from Tech N9ne, Slaughterhouse, Kid Cudi, B.O.B., Tupac, etc...? I have found a few tabs for some artists but none are properly done. I just don't have the ear to properly tabs things out and could really use some help. I have guitar pro so tabs in that would be great but mainly i would love chords for songs like that. My goal is to be able to rap at open mic nights with an acoustic guitar. Please help...Thank you.

Rawls Royce
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...I'm pretty sure its just you. But thank you for not saying you wanna be able to play Lil Wayne songs. That aside, I'm sure you're still gonna get flamed.. Anywho. They're harder to come by just because most guitarists just wanna play guitar-based music. But most of it's pretty simple, sooo just work on doing it by ear. Gotta get better at some point.
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I have played guitar for like 6 years and i just dont have the ear for it. A lot of hip hop now has guitar in it. And ya man not that Lil Wayne crap. A lot of current artists are at least using samples of old rock songs but they are moderately tweaked so i cant just use the old tabs. I could really use some help on this one.
The reason you can't find that many tabs here is because everyone is so damn 'br00t4l' and 'metal'. They haven't got the time to bother with anything else.

Anyway, I do experiment with hip-hop guitar sometimes, but most of the time it's more just pissing around with effects pedals over a song. Not like, playing what's in the song. I try harder to mimic different sounds which you hear in the genre.

Saying that, the songs I do play true to the record are all learnt from here pretty much, basically. It's hard to find a perfect hip-hop tab, but it's not hard to find say, some chords or a bad tab for a song and figure it out from there. Just experiment.
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hey i posted 2 hip hop songs a long time ago. i am better at it now but if u were to give me like 5 songs or so i can take my pik at a couple and try it out, but id perfer u to b more specific.
thanks man thats exactly what i needed. "**** is Real - Tech N9ne", "Lost - Gorilla Zoe", "Shake this - Royce Da 5'9", "I'll be in the sky - B.O.B.", "The Prayer - Kid Cudi"...those are just a few examples of what i would love to do. If you could chord out any of those that would be great! any help would be appreciated bro.
yo Rawls, I'll get on some of those songs

I'm feelin the OP, here... I joined this site years ago to figure out rock tunes, but i've found that this site and the rest of the internet are really lacking in hip/hop tabs. We need more Hip Hop and Funk tabs!!

Ultimate-Guitar is one of the biggest tab sites out there so the best we can do is request and contribute hip hop tabs of our own.