Here is my Infinity Legend, it work's great and is in pretty good cosmetic condition.

V2 bolt pin/ram
Soft Tip Bolt
custom spring
new eye cover screws, looks much better.
Tyranny trigger
Hybrid sparta reg
Cp rail
Bob Long cam drive on/off
Spd clear grips
Depending on how much your paying can come with no barrel, cp 14", or dye ultralite.

$245 no barrel
+20 CP Barrel
+60 Dye UL Barrel

Crossfire 68/4.5k hydro in 2011
The only tank I use, works fine.


Vlocity JR. Everythings in good condition, works fine.


Carbon Fiber Events- Great condition comes with smoke and clear lens.


JT Black Jersey Large


NXE 4 pod pack-

Blue/Black Diablo Gloves


JT Urban Camo Teams Large

Blue/Black Diablo Jersey Large

Halo B V35 parts

2.5 bags of empire bullets

Most prices are OBO