I used to run with my gt8 as a preamp, ans just used a rack mount power amp to boost it with my 4x12 cab.

I recently got an all tube head and tried everything possible i could read on forums to try and make the gt8 sound good, but wasnt able too.

So i spent 2 weeks and bought some stomp boxes to try and replace the gt8, which it has so far.

Now my band is venturing into more ambient style and i dont have a ton more money to put into individual stompboxes so....

I talked to my tech about modding my gt8 to be "true" bypass, and adding a button on the top to select it.

That way i can use the GT8 for any pitch shifting/uni vibe/slicer FX, without having to spend a ton of money.

I already have the dl4 for delay, a dd7 for delay, a hardwire rv7 for verb, and a maxon od808 for overdrive.

Not sure what my question is other than is using a gt8 with true bypass worth saving A LOT of money buying every individual FX in a stomp box. Especially if said FX will only be used once a set.
pedals contain their own indivisual circuit boards and stuff in them, thats kind of why they remain analog, the signal from guitar to amp passes right through it easily. if you truly wanted a true bypass gt-anything, it would have to include every single one of the circuit boards of each pedal in the box, which gives you your standard pedal board. so, i dont think its simple, or possible at all to make any gt product true bypass. besides, its cooler to have a rainbow of boss pedals underneath your feet! lol
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true, tho i am not partial to boss for FX, i understand your point. i may have to go with something like a "radial bigshot mix/efx" switcher, which may be a much easier route.
I'm not sure this would work but maybe use the boss line selector. One output to the amp. The one output to the pedal then use a a/b/y cable or whatever it's called in the front of the amp in the insert jack. Not sure if it would work but just a theory. Hoped I helped.
Just get a simple loop pedal (like the Boss Line Selector) so that way you don't have to mess inside your gt8.