I am looking at a used Jackson Guitar, the seller knows nothing about... they think it is a Randy Rhodes model, which from the photos appears to be so.

Anyway, I asked ofr the serial numbers to figure out where it's made and what it is worth paying for, it's not a US made model, and that's all I could find info on for serial numbers on the Jackson homepage, just wondering if someone could tell me any info from the serial number:


I am not sure what these are worth, they are asking 350$ or best offer, and I know you can find imports new in the US for around 300$.

I would like to get a decent guitar here though to set up for metal projects however.
thanks but I got this page from the link:

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Oops. sorry. I thought the addy was diifferent. I should sell something and buy new glasses.
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Jackson guitars are seriously bad about that, I don`t think you`ll find anything I know I didn`t
haha yeah, that is the same link I found before posting this thread, it's only for US made jackson guitars. A for the effort though.
I'm pretty sure that the serial number finder on their site if you can even get to it only works for USA made guitars so I dont think it would help you. If you post some pics then maybe we could figure it out or if you know any of the specs: pickups, neck joint, trem type, etc.
edit: you already figured that out
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Since the serial # starts with 9, it is made in Japan. It might be a performer series.
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