hey man thanks for the crit.

alright the intro riff sounds kind of funky in way, a good way. when the vocals come in it remidns me of something that i cant quite put my finger on, its kind of weird.

that lead with the phaser or flanger or w/e effect that was sounded kind of weird as well (not saying its bad, just weird lol). i guess it was just the effect.

overall it was just, well weird. im really not used to this genre and i wonder what would you classify it as. i thought i knew most genres but i couldnt really put my finger on it.

like i said it wasnt bad, it was just foreign to me. if i had more experience with this type of music then perhaps i could have critted you better.

thanks again for my crit though
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Awesome!! Your critique makes me very happy!! I am attempting to create a genre that is not yet cliche or normal. I don't want my music to sound like anything specific and you make me feel like I am achieving this. Thanks so much for your reply it means a lot to me.
hey dude awesome song.. as lanzaa said before i dont fully comprehend this 'genre', so my crit wont be as wholesome as one who has had more experience listening to this type of music... anywayz... it has this sort of cool and mysterious funky tone to it which is really appealing and easy to listen to, although, also as stated above, the phaser effect should be diminished a little bit, as it sounds a little too awkward as it is right now... vocals are good and remind me of beach boy music haha surf, anyone? lol anyways man... keep up the good work and crit my song if u can find the time to do so!

Edit: lol sorry forgot abt it XD here's the link The First Time
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Hey Gereado.. thanks for the opinions and I will definitely return the favor. Could you do me a favor and post the link to your thread? I can't seem to find it.
Cool song. Kinda trippy and stuff. Guitar riffs are all good. The effects were especially good. Very well produced I would say. The vocals are kinda weird, but they're good. Overall this song is very unusual. It seems kinda grungey, but I wouldn't really call it grunge. I can't think of anything bad to say about, so there's an accomplishment. Good work.

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I critiqued 25 songs and I got 3 back? Hmmm, I thought (C4C) actually meant something. To all of you who have not returned the favor- SHAME ON YOU!!!!! May the devil take your soul and leave a demon in it's place for you parents to loath...