Hello, Here is my issue, looking for some help;

i have a custom strat built, and i used the gotoh vintage bridge on it, with stewmac/ mighty mite replacement maple neck

the issue is that the bridge actually sits toooo low and i lifted the saddles to the highest position (loosened the trem springs) and proped up the saddles with small pieces of 1.5mm thick brass to increase hieght. i got everything to work with this setup - but it just bothers me that the saddles dont touch the actual bridge but are connected just by the pieces of the brass to compensate the hieght, so i was wondering, if i changed the bridge to a gotoh fulcrum (ei - fender modren 2-point trem) would i be able to adjust the initial height of the bridge with the bridge posts and avoid this whole problem?
Is the guitar made with a neck angle? If so the best thing to do would be to lose the angle like David Collins said.

But yes, if you had a 2 post trem, you could adjust the height.
possible fixes:

longer saddle height adjustment screws.
change the neck angle.
change the neck height (thinner neck heel or deeper neck pocket.
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Well i purchased all the parts premade, the body is a strat Mighty mite 2 piece ash, and neck is from stewmac also mighty might, but i was at a local music store the other day and noticed that not all neck have the same height of fretboard, in my case i have a maple fret board which seemed to be abit heigher than regular fretboards (other maple, or atleast other rosewood) so far to correct the problem i "shimmed" up the saddle (under the screws) with little brass pieces, and removed all the springs down to 3 so my bridge actually sits higher.

@SomeoneYouKnew, maybe ill try that, you recommend allparts for that?