Any good,I just got it for £50 on ebay and am expecting it tommorow.I play death metal,grind and doom metal so will the pedal suit me distortion needs for these tastes.
Haven't tried it, but I feel a lot of Digitech pedals produce a cheap sound, and is often copies of "real" pedals.
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its so so, not that great, sounds like a solidstate amp thru every amp I played one thru
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it wont give you a really great sound, but if its for practice on a solid state amp its pretty good for what your going for
It's really good. I have one and I love it. The metal zone model on it is way better than the actual metal zone pedal. The big muff is also really good. It might take you a long time to find your settings. It took me three days so I can see why some people dont like it but once you dial in your settings you'll love it. It's bad at first but if you keep tweaking it will get better. By just trying one out in the store it probally won't sound good but after some tweaking it's a really great pedal. Start with all of the knobs at 12 then adjust. It's my favorite pedal on my pedalboard.
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