The drummer in my band just sold his guitar to pay for other drum equipment, and he still wants to have an acoustic of something so he can help with writing. His budget is about $200. He doesn't have an preferences towards woods, but he wants a decent acoustic. Your thoughts on this?

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I played an Ibanez acoustic electric. It was $600 (but a few years old, and the model is discontinued) with a built in tuner.

Looked on musician's friend and they have similar things... the Ibanez AEL20E with on-board tuner. It looks absolutely beautiful all the colors available, even the red! And I HATE the color red.

It's $350, but you have to keep in mind, it has a tuner on it. GOOD tuners cost around $50. It's a darn good guitar and you should tell your drummer to save up $150 more. It'll be worth it... Plus he can plug it in to an amp.

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you'll probably get more help in the acoustic guitar forum.
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I'm usually not the biggest Epiphone supporter, but their Hummingbird acoustic is AMAZING. They're $400 new which is relatively cheap, but it feels SOOO much nicer. I also have a used one for sale that I'd be willing to sell for $200+shipping.

I know that's a cheap plug, but it really is a good deal for your friend.
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