Hm. So, whenever I'm playing it' really is playing some radio station, the louder I turn the amp the louder the radio is. But strangely though, if I turn down on my guitar I get that staticy noise that you have when you're searching for a station.
What the hells going on people ;_;
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It does that to me sometimes when I turn on my wah


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It's normal, it's just your guitar pickups that are picking up radio signal, the only to get rid of it would be a noise gate
sounds to me your guitar is to blame, its picking up radio signals O.o do you live near a station?
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Hmm, to the best of my knowledge I don't. Er, if it helps at all it's the EMG SA strat set thats in.
Also just noticed that it makes a strange click everynow and then...
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Gear: Bogner XTC Classic, Suhr Carve Top, Gibson Santa Fe LP, a few nice pedals. All good fun =3
that happens when you have improperly shielded equipment, most often it the guitar
bad guitar shielding mixed with the right signal frequency going through your cables and pedals turns your rig into a giant radio

edit: it's also common to get the same effect when you unplug your guitar and touch the end of the cable
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Me and my friend who lives near by have the same problem. I started noticing it when I'd set my amp to a really scooped sound. That's also how he sets his and he's the only other person I know of that has that problem in my town. Maybe it's something to do with the amp settings interacting with the cable/guitar? I know mine does it if you even just touch the cable to a piece of metal (I've touched it to the bridge, input jack, tuners, strings, just about everything on the guitar). For some reason, my new Randall's don't do it, but my Raven combo does. I'm just glad my new amps don't do it, it was the spanish channel that plays all the traditional mariachi music. That stuff is so annoying! If I had to listen to that through my halfstack, I'd be mad.
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its actually because your pickups think that they are an antenna

get some copper shielding tape from your local hardware store, and go to town
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