I currently have the Laguna LE124. I got it from this pack,
I want the Peavey Predator Plus EXP
I have 3 questions
1. Can I sell the guitar and keep the amp?
2. How much would the guitar sell for? (There is one on eBay for $150 and you can buy the guitar new at guitar center for $180)
3. Is the Peavey a good guitar? (What sold me on it was the double-locking Floyd Rose Tremelo)

you could sell the guitar on ebay for maby $120

Peavey is a reputable company but considered off brand as far as their guitars go, considering that, $220 for a guitar with a LFR seems like a good deal

edit: it also seems like a good guitar to upgrade with new pickups and such after you get a better amp
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