Keep in mind that I'm new to the world of modding guitars... I've read the first few posts in the ultimate wiring thread, so please don't get on my case for that. And yes, I have used Google to do a little background research.

First and foremost, I need to take the pickguard off my Gibson Flying V. What's the best way to do it? The last time I did it, I had to solder a ground wire back on that snapped once the pickguard came off, and I had a heck of a time trying to chase those stupid pickup springs/screws back into their proper place.

Here are some reference pictures for you guys...

Now, what I need to do is spray some stuff on the pickguard itself (don't ask ), so I need the pickups and pots out of the way. How do I do that without completely destroying the wiring of my guitar? Or will I have to desolder all of it and solder all the connections back together? I'm not (completely) opposed to doing that, but I trust my soldering skills about as far as I can throw an elephant.

And while I'm opening up my guitar, I want to make some mods. First off, I want to replace all the pots with 1 Megohms from guitar fetish. One of my pots is getting pretty noisy, and I want to try something a little stronger than the 500K. I've got some pretty hot pickups, and I want the most tone for what I've got installed. I also want to install a button momentary killswitch. I don't have any questions on that stuff yet, but you can rest assured that I will once I actually start working on it.

I also want to try to squeeze a distortion circuit onto my guitar, a la Matt Bellamy. I'm not sure if this is feasible (read: reasonable) or not, but the folks at guitar fetish have really tickled my fancy with the MODboard... Unfortunately for me, I'm not in the position where I can afford their kit. Would it be possible for me to strip a guitar pedal circuit and stick it into my guitar's cavities? I realize I'd probably have to route a hole into my pickguard, and quite possibly the wood... But it's just an idea.

Any answers to my questions, suggestions for my modding ideas, or tips in general are greatly appreciated.

try looking into www.guitarelectronics.com , they have a bunch of wiring diagrams, parts, tips etc that could be useful.

as for taking the pots off, the knobs should just pop off, unless you mean you need to spray the entire pickguard, in which case you should be able to unscrew them from the back.

a killswitch should be relatively simple, but youd need to mod the pickguard as well unless youre putting it as a push/pull pot. i use my V's pickup selector as a killswitch, just turn the volume on one pickup to 0 and switch between them.

as for the distortion in the guitar, ive also thought about doing this at one time, and have come to the conclusion it isnt worth the effort. however, they do make mods such as the eric clapton boost, which do, in fact, fit in the guitar (after some body routing) and provide extra mids that can come out to be distortion. its controlled using a push pull pot and powered by a 9v inside the body.
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Okay, gotcha. I've gotten the whole pickguard off now, and I didn't break a single connection. Whoo! It's a small improvement, at least.

Yeah, I'm planning on cutting out some material from the pickguard for the killswitch. I tried using my pickup selector as a killswitch too, but it's just not convenient enough for what I need. It sticks like mad when I switch it too fast. I mean, it's not a mechanical failure on Gibson's part, but it just wasn't designed for killswitching. I want a Jonny Greenwood type killswitch sound, and the selector just doesn't cut it for me.

I'm not going to lie when I say the thought of replacing the pots has me in a cold sweat. My dad knows how to solder pretty well though, so I'm going to ask him to teach me how to do it correctly.

As for the distortion circuit- I'm going to get a few more opinions, but thanks for your input. I'll look into that.

Here's another crazy idea I've got... How hard would it be for me to add another pickup? I've always wanted to have that true single coil sound, and by the looks of it, I have enough room for another pot, the lead, and wood to route between my other pickups. I'd probably have to mod my selector switch to use only one pickup at a time, which I have absolutely no problem with... I hardly ever use both pickups at the same time anyways.

This is what i got in my guitar. I took the cap out of my tone pot, no longer making it a tone pot. I wired two schottky's in parallel and the tone pot now works as an overdrive pot. I have two 1N4003's I got from radioshack. Weak OD, but it gives a nice effect in clean for chords and clean leads. try this: http://www.smallbearelec.com/Detail.bok?no=509 Two of those in parallel should make a nice crunchy OD sound. and it's really cheap. Mod boards aren't worth the cash.
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Okay, I've gone and ordered a single coil. If I wire it to the former tone pot and take out the cap, it should act as a volume pot. Is that all the wiring I need to do?

Here's my other question... Will I need to get a new toggle switch? About five minutes after I completed the order, I did a "FUUUUUUUUUU-" because I realized that my toggle probably doesn't work for a three-pickup configuration.

Please tell me you fixed the finish to a representable state and that the reason you are spraying the pickguard is to get rid of the god awful drawings from your old "relic" thread.
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Here's another question for you guys... Which of the three single coils should I put into the middle position? I know the obvious answer would be the RWRP piece, but I'm open to ideas.