I like the intro riff, it sounds like vocals would fit over it really well.

The first verse is kinda boring but most verses in this genre are, and I like how you spiced it up a little the second time through.

The solo was sweet, I wouldn't change a thing about it. It fit really well.

The lead over the outro was pretty nice as well, gave the song a nice close.

The overall structure of the song flowed pretty well, I'll give it a 8.5/10. Crit mine? It's song 2 in my sig.
Intro is awesome. Really sounds good.

Verse is mega-meg imo but if recorded with lyrics it would obviously help with plainness.

The riffs from 102 - 112 are definitely the best in the song. Were very awesome. Reminded me a lot of Me Vs. Hero or Four Year Strong riff.

The solo i thought you could have gone for a more melodic direction (holding notes, big bend here and there..don't know if that counts as melodic but i couldn't think of another word :P) but as is, it definitely fulfilled what it needed to do.