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Not that I will be in a band or have a gig for a while, I'm just wondering what would be a good thing to drink before a show. I'm guessing beer or energy drink if you are under 21. Any other ideas?
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arazona green tea is what I drink or water I used to drink monsters before but I stopped I found It made me to thirsty
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depends if you're singing.
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One or two beers if ur legal, but don't get ****faced. Under that, just a bottle of water or something.
Do not drink alcohol because it will **** up your motor skills and for guitar players that is a death sentence on stage. If you are singing in a punk band however, a few beers might help give you the "Tim Armstrong" slurred dislexia sound!
I just drink plenty of water and smoke some joints. Weed doesn't mess you up like alcohol.
10 coors light's
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It doesn't matter at all, just don't get wasted.

unless your watching a below standard local gig(and not playing), then doing this makes it a lot more enjoyable!
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Probably anything that doesn't enhold poison or alcohol. Although I can't recommend Sauerkraut-Juice...that stuff will give you the ****s.
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I guess some water or energy drink, I'd steer away from alcohol if it's before the gig (do not hold back afterwards if you want lol)
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It'd be pretty cold to drink.

Not lethally cold, but it would freeze your throat.
A beer, water, personal favorite soda if not singing, green dragon (JUST A LITTLE), Beer and a Splif is my favorite.
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trust me, if ur gonna drink beer, drink as much water as you drink beer alongside it. ur gonna get dehydrated
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